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From Friday 26th to Sunday 28th, me and 5 others game developers took part in the Global Game Jam 18. The theme was "Transmission".  



The player has control over a farm populated with Onions, Cats, and Octopuses. Clients will have a demand for certain mix of these species. By force breeding individuals the player will be able to meet that demand. 


Current Prototype

I mainly worked on general Unreal Engine 4 project management. I scripted several of the mechanics and merged everyone's work into one project. 


We didn't really have a fixed idea on the game. So all through out the game we just kept adding little features that would make it better. The best example for that would be the meat grinder. Being a farmer in Tear Jerkers can be stressful, the meat grinder was kindly placed in the game as a anti stress device, that also acts as a way of clearing the clutter in your farm. We also decided to add frogs to offer more mix possibilities. 


The Team

Scott Howell - 2D Artist

Soma Wheelhouse - 3D Artist

Samuel Swindley - Tech Art

Daniel McKenzie - UI Design

Adam Young - Sound Designer

Adam Coles - Programmer

Samuel Metters - Programmer


TearJerkers_Windows.zip 112 MB

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