Rots'n'Bots Demo Build

Hi all!

This is one of my university project that my team and I continued working on after graduation. It's still a work in progress although development is relatively slow at the moment. In short, Rots'n'Bots is an online strategy game mixing real time and turn based strategy. Choose between Rots, zombie like creatures or Bots, artificially controlled robots to fight against a friend or the AI in a 1 vs 1 match. Protect your settlement by gathering resources, building an army and capturing the control points. 

As this is still a demo build, you will most probably encounter some bugs and other issues. If you encounter any game breaking bugs, you can send us an email at! We'll try and fix it when we have the time to. 

We hope you'll enjoy it! 


Rots'n'Bots Prototype STEAM NO KEY (14.10.2019).zip 321 MB
Oct 14, 2019

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