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Procedurally generated dungeon crawler where you torchlight is the only way for you to know where to go.


Torchlight Dungeons was meant to be a roguelike that made the player rely on light/shadows to progress.
Additionally, I wanted to explore additionnal mechanics such as different cameras (Roguelike,  Top down tracker, Thrid Person and First person) hencewise there's a button for it. I originally wanted it to be a power up but didn't have the time to implement it.

Current prototype

My main goal for this game jam was to learn more about procedurally generated maps. I was aiming at having a fully automatic room and dungeon generator, where rooms would be created from manually designed patterns, and dungeons (room placements) fully random. 

In the end I didn't have enough time to finish implementing automated room generation and instead used a dozen manually designed room. That way I was sure the levels would always be playable while keeping the option of adding more designs in the future. As for the dungeon generator, it fully works and spawns doors at random. That way some maps feature dead ends, while others have rooms that loop back to a previously discovered one.


The game is playable with both a controller and keyboard/mouse.

Movements: WASD/Left Stick

Aim: Mouse/Right Stick

Shoot: Left click/Right Trigger

Dash: Space/A (don't abuse it, you can dash through walls :( )

Change camera: E/Right Bumper (See abstract for explanation)


Dan Long

Jack Jenkins

Samuel Metters


TorchlightDungeons.zip 144 MB

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