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Vapour Racer is project created during a PS1 game jam. The goal was to create a game that would look as if it was released in 1999 on the PlayStation 1. That meant low poly count, low res textures, the game also had to be controller compatible and not use the joysticks.

 The idea we had originated from the Vaporwave musical movement that got popular in recent years and that revolves around early electronic music from the 80’s. It is often associated with retro cyberpunk visuals which would fit perfectly for a PS1 game.

Current prototype

The game we decided to go for is a split screen multiplayer game where players have to drift their way around the racing track. Drifting would not only be an easier way of navigating corners but it also grants a speed boost proportional to the duration of the drift. The game is currently playable by up to 4 players in splitscreen.

A race consists of 3 timed laps, the player who finishes all 3 laps first wins. 3 cars are currently available to play, the Delorean (Average Speed, Average Drifter), the Drifter (Slow, Good drifter) and the Racer (High Speed, bad drifter).

NOTE: Once a race started, the only way to finish it is to have all player do 3 laps (you can also open the console and type in "open MainMenu").


The game is better played with a controller.

D-Pad / Left Stick: Steering (Joysticks are just better ...)

Right Trigger: Accelerate

A / Right Bumper: Drift

For keyboard use WASD (Movements), Spacebar (Drift) and use the arrow keys to navigate menus.


Dan Long

Jack Jenkins

Samuel Metters

All vehicle models were made by Teh LaughingMan (Google Poly Profile).

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